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I’m sitting at my desk as my students take their semester end final, and I start thinking of my goals for next year. 2017 was both amazing and challenging, but I want 2018 to kick some booty. So I start typing.

It’s not that I think I have a difficult life. I have an incredible life and I am so fortunate in so many ways. While a small problem to some, caused me months of anxiety and stress, occurred in the spring at work, I often find myself thinking and reacting negatively before finding my calm.  I know I know- leave work at work. Well, easier said than done. A few months ago, in attempts to ease my anxiety, I started a home yoga practice.  I am proud that I have been able to maintain this constantly, but my anxious hurried self just adds it to the to-do list of each day. To my students I am still the positive upbeat language teacher; however, each day I find it increasingly more difficult to put on the smile as I count down for the bell to ring


I have been teaching for seven years, and I had always loved being able to work with and set a good example for students.  Last year, I was told I would be teaching a different subject.  A subject which is not my passion or my expertise.  My boss basically told me: you still have a job-suck it up. While I agree I am fortunate to have a fantastic job, the passion I once had for teaching has been dwindling ever since.  From that moment, anxiety has now become part of my life.  More on that later.  It became clear soon after, I had to find my happy in other ways.


Health, fitness, and nutrition have always played a big role in my life.  I remember countless mornings in college I’d be walking to the gym as people are still partying from the night before. I was the weirdo who would bring cookies made with chickpeas to a party and play flippy cup with water.  I write workouts for colleagues and encourage friends to join me at spin class.  I power walk during my lunch hour, and I’m always waiting outside the gym at 4:59am for them to open those doors.


So why the blog?

I want to share my search for a healthy, balanced, and mindful life. I want to find natural ways to ease my anxiety and reach my goals while not having to force that smile when my students walk through the door.


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