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Fun Food Find #1

I’m a sucker for a new product at grocery stores. I could aimlessly walk up and down the aisles for hours.  When my husband and I moved in together, he quickly learned each week I’d be coming home with one random item that I just couldn’t say no to.

This week’s fun food find is thanks to Whole Foods.

FlaxNog. While the name doesn’t appeal much to the senses, I had to grab it.


The nutritionals aren’t bad either


I care more for ingredients than calories, but 45 calories for egg nog?!?! yes please.  Despite the name, I liked it a lot.  This is a delicious alternative to the fat filled counterpart made ingredients like cream and high fructose corn syrup. It would make a great addition at your holiday parties.

And it was husband approved.

The verdict: 9/10

Would I recommend it?  Yes

Hope everyone has a merry Christmas!


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