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2018 plans

I want to be my best self this coming year.  But once work starts getting hectic and home responsibilities pile up, it’s easy to push things aside.  I’ve found writing down a plan helps.  Anyone else get enormous satisfaction crossing something off your to-do list? I came up with a different focus for each month based on self-love and mindfulness.

Here’s the plan:

January –whole 30

February – Gratitude Journal at night

March– Read The Gratitude Diaries by Janice Kaplan

April– 5 minutes of meditation before bed

May– Compliment someone different every day

June– Buy a month of yoga at a new studio

July– Tap into creativity (new fitness classes, art, zumba, karaoke, games, nature, etc)

August– Treat yourself month (bath, nails, compliments, me date, take a nap, massage, Bravo, etc)

September– Smile first thing in the morning and last thing before bed

October– 30 things I love about myself (I turn the big 3-0 this month…gulp)

November-No negative talk November (myself, others, work, etc)

December– Give back  (to students, family in need, volunteer, family, husband, etc)

I’m loving this plan. I’ll be keeping you posted how each month goes.


As for January…I did the Whole 30 challenge last year as well. It was difficult at times, but I absolutely loved it. I have never felt better. My stomach bloat and pain were gone.  I’m excited for round two, and I’m recruiting a few co-workers to join me this time.

The worst thing to do is to be unprepared. Therefore, before January 1st creeps up, I want my kitchen to be ready.  In the last week I’ve been loading up on some staples.


My pinterest and instagram obsession also is kicked into new gear when it comes to the Whole 30. It’s a huge resource for when you need new ideas.  Follow me on instagram for up to date meals and motivation.


During the Whole 30 the crock pot is your best friend. Every Sunday (sometimes Saturday too) I have something cooking in the crock pot. It makes such a large amount of food with easy prep and clean up.

Finally, tell people! When you share it with people it holds you accountable and keeps you motivated to finish. And who knows, maybe they will join you.

I’m super excited about my plan for the year; feel free to join in with me!


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