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Fun Food Find #2

As I was stocking up for my Whole 30, I found this gem at Trader Joe’s hidden behind the many varieties of oats and cereals. Gainless granola reminded me of my favorite breakfast- oatless oats. So I figured, why not?


Even before tasting it, I opened the bag and a beautiful cinnamon smell emerged. It’s absolutely delicious and with it’s own blend of fruit and nuts- oats and honey are definitely not missed.


The nutritionals aren’t terrible; it’s what’s expected for a snack like this.  The sugar is high, but I’ll take those 5 grams of fiber!  I was also pleased to see that the serving size is a ½ cup.


The verdict: 10/10

Would I recommend it? YES!

I plan on bringing this to work to keep in my desk for an easy snack.  It would also go great on top of oatmeal or yogurt.

And it was husband approved. Tim doesn’t snack nearly as much as I do, but even he liked it.


2 thoughts on “Fun Food Find #2

  1. I’ve never heard of this before, how novel. I stopped eating granola about a year ago because in a roundabout way I realised the sugar in it was not being a ‘good friend’ to me. Thank you for sharing this nifty find!

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