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Back to Work

Happy Monday.

If I’m being honest, I was having much more fun on break in my sweat pants, taking my time at the gym, and sipping my coffee in front of the TV.  But, back to work we go.  I knew it was coming, and like always break went by too quickly. I was relaxed and calm for two weeks, but as the days passed that knot in my stomach grew.

Last Thursday is when I started to really feel anxious as I mentioned in my last blog post.  My husband was being silly making me laugh and taking my mind off of work, but my mind couldn’t help but think ahead to this week.  And just like always the weekend came and went, and here we are back at work like I never left.

I heard a quote the other day- being anxious is like praying for the bad to happen. At first, I think- ok… tell that to my stomach.  I get the physical anxiety symptoms before I start worrying. My chest feels heavy, my heart rate picks up, and my breath becomes uneven. It’s as though my body is anxious before my head. Then in return I start worrying.

Well that’s what this year is for. I acknowledge when I feel this way, and I do my best to work through it without reacting poorly. So yesterday I planned for today to be great. I cooked at least two days’ worth of meals for both myself and my husband, I did the laundry and some errands, and got a short but sweaty workout in. The only thing I need to worry about tonight when I get home is washing my hair and watching real housewives. Life is good.


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