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Fun Food Find #3

Hi guys!

I’m super excited to share this fun food find with you. I saw these colorful roasted carrots in the frozen veggie section of Trader Joe’s, and I couldn’t say no- per usual. They are great for an impressive side dish or even in a hearty frittata.


Straight from the bag, sauté the serving you want about 5-7 minutes until soft and warm. How easy is that? Not only is it easy, but it looks so impressive and colorful on your dinner plate. The only ingredients are carrots, olive oil, and spices- so as an added bonus- they are also whole 30 approved.



I absolutely loved these. I’ve since bought them several times. Tim despised carrots, so I didn’t even bother put some on his plate. That’s fine- more for me! Give them a try next time you’re in Trader Joe’s.

The verdict: 10/10

Would I recommend them? Definitely!


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