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Whole 30 Week 2 Recap


This week brought the challenge of going back to work after winter break. Thankfully, I did a good job of meal prepping on Sunday.  The best thing I can suggest is to make a bunch of whatever protein you want. I love shredded chicken, and the crock-pot makes so much food with minimal work. I made salsa chicken which I added to dinners throughout the week.  Just add the shredded chicken to some avocado and roasted veggies and voilà!

Shredded chicken1


The most challenging part of being back at work is all the goodies in the work room. On Wednesday our department takes turn bringing in treats, so there I was walking past pastries and cookies every time I went to my desk.  But I made it though thanks to my stash of snacks in my desk



The other challenge I noticed at work was just how hungry I was.  At home, it’s easy to grab a few nuts or half a larabar if I didn’t fill up on lunch.  Also at home I’m not constrained to a bell schedule.  I felt like my stomach was growing constantly. I know the Whole 30 program encourages larger meals with plenty of protein and healthy fats that make snacking unnecessary, but man, I was hungry! So I snacked, and I’m not upset about it. If you’re hungry-eat. Don’t complicate things.

Here’s a few more meals from the week.  My to-go breakfast bowl was so delicious. I’ll definitely be having that again this week. I posted the recipe on Instagram.


Shredded chicken 2

Shredded chicken 3

Here’s to week 3. Let’s crush it!


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