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Booty Workout


I thought I’d post my workout from yesterday. Typically I train lower body twice a week- once being quad focused and one being glute and hamstring focused. My 5am workouts before heading to work are in and out. I try to be quick and effective, but I like saving my glute workout for a weekend so I can take my time with a longer warm up and cool down.  This one was a sweaty one; give it a shot!

Booty Workout


After the gym, I made my favorite weekend breakfast- oatless oats- and sipped on my coffee while scrolling through Pinterest until my husband woke up.  After watching a bit of ESPN together, I got to cooking for the week.  My goal is always to help make the work week less hectic. That means prepping my breakfasts and lunches to eat at work, and one or two dinners usually involving the crock-pot.  This time I made shredded pesto chicken and some Mediterranean chicken to bring to work.



After a few cups of Tazo tea and a few loads of laundry later, I make sure there’s some time to relax in there.  Tim and I just started Game of Thrones. I know I know- where have we been, right? We’re only a few episodes in, but so far we like it.

Sundays are just the best, aren’t they? A great workout, lots of cooking, and relaxing on the couch- perfection.

Hope everyone has a great week.


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