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Fun Food Find #4


Today’s fun food find is a perfect snack to throw in your bag, and a great solution if you’re craving something sweet.  ‘Nothing but fruit and nut snacks’ are sweet and delicious. Just like the name says the only ingredients are figs and walnuts. You know I love that!


70 calories and 2 ingredients counts as another win.  I really only taste the figs in this not so much walnuts. Trader Joe’s sells this and two more flavors- Apricots and Almonds, and Date, Hazlenut, and Cocoa.  I will absolutely be tasting the apricot one next. Ever since living in Italy, I love fresh and dry apricots.



The verdict: 8/10- delicious but not filling. It’s great to keep in your bag for emergencies.

Would I recommend it? YES!

When I asked Tim to try this one, he was supper hesitant. He doesn’t have nearly the sweet tooth that I do.  Reluctantly he took a minuscule bite, and it wasn’t what he was thinking.  So his face was hysterical. He had never had a fig up until this point either, so he said he is undecided on whether or not he approves of this food find.


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