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Whole30 Week 3 Recap

We made it past the hard times fam! Week 3 of the whole 30 went great. It’s not at all stressful planning ahead what to eat. I have enough staples and veggies available at all times that I feel like I’m cruising to the finish line.  Typically, I get stomach aches and major bloating every day, and that is completely gone. After a meal, I would feel like my pants shrank two sizes, so not having that discomfort has been glorious.

One thing I have been experiencing has been tingly hands and forearms.  This could be totally separate from diet, but I constantly I find myself shaking out my arms and hands.  I’m always thinking a massage would feel so nice right about now. Husband?

My co-worker is doing the Whole 30 with me, and I told her how I was feeling. She looked at me shocked and said yes! Her symptoms were a bit different with more numbness in the thumb, but can this be a coincidence?

As far as meals have been concerned, like I mentioned, I’m rocking it. Breakfasts have been either my beloved oatless oats or my sweet potato bowls.



Lunches are what I prep on Sunday to bring to work, and doing a sheet pan chicken recipe of some sort is my go-to.  This week I prepped Mediterranean chicken.  I just throw a bunch of veggies over chicken breasts sliced in half and drizzle with lemon, olive oil, and spices.


Dinners are always something colorful with avocado mixed in. I prep shredded chicken on the weekend as well, so I always have a protein ready to go.

Warm salad

I can’t believe we’re already to week 4. I remember feeling like this last year- I don’t want it to be over. Not that I have to change anything, but it feels amazing to have no stomach pain. I’ll post my reintroducing plan, but I hope to go very slowly. It’s the weekends that are tricky with birthday parties and hanging out with friends. During the whole 30, I can easily explain why I choose not eat something, when it’s technically over- it’s more difficult. Maybe I’ll just do a whole60…




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