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My cabinet

I’m a snacker.  My husband knows I always have water and something to eat in my bag everywhere we go. Even though the whole 30 encourages bigger meals instead of snacking between meals, it is what it is sometimes.



My love for nut butter is apparent. I could write several posts on almond butter alone. Raw nuts and dried fruits are mostly for me to bring to work for emergencies. Trader Joe’s is the real rockstar for these. They have a lot of variety for a good price. The ‘Just Mangos’ are my favorite.


My schedule at work has me eating breakfast and lunch early in the day, so in order to make it to dinner I’m all about RX bars and Larabars. If you’re doing the whole 30, be sure you find one without peanuts. Even though the peanut butter RX bar is unbelievable. I also love Maple sea salt, blueberry, and apple cinnamon.




Finally, I always have chia seeds and flaxseeds on hand. I really want to be a chia seed pudding person, but I have yet to make a recipe that I can’t get enough of. It’s a working progress. Inside I add them to smoothies, salads, and just about anything else. Gotta get that fiber!

Last Saturday we were out of the house from early until late due to a family party, and I knew there would very little, if any, compliant foods.  Here’s everything I brought. Luckily there was a veggie tray brought out at like 7pm which I went to town on, but my snacks were full of protein and good fats to keep me satisfied.


That’s it for today. Happy snacking


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