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My Stomach Issues

Here’s the thing. It’s all manageable.  I never felt the need to go to a doctor or see a specialist because I always said- I’ll live.  While that’s true, stomach pain and bloat is no fun.  I often take a precautionary antacid before going out in anticipation of a stomach ache, and usually about half way through the evening I unbutton my pants.

The reason I’m frustrated is that it’s not consistent. Some days before I even eat anything I can feel sharp pains on the left side of my stomach, sometimes I am bloating so bad that I can’t stand up straight, and sometimes I hurt in the middle of the day while other times it’s at night.  But then out of nowhere I will go a week with absolutely no stomach pain. I mean….what???

I have concluded, however- thanks to my first round of whole 30- that dairy and I do not work well together.  It’s not allergies, but as I tell my friends, I’m dairy sensitive.  So for the most part I avoid it, despite the occasional froyo. Worth it.

I’m not sure where to go at this point.  I want to be careful during the reintroduction phase of the Whole 30 in attempts to clearly see how I react.  After that, it may be time for a doctor- like my husbands been wanting for me to do for years.

I will say this, I’ve never feel better than I do while doing the whole 30.  I guess no dairy, gluten, sugar, legumes, and alcohol will do that to a person.


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