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February Goal

One month down in my year of self-love.  January was focusing on fixing the gut with the Whole30, and I absolutely loved it.  My stomach bloat and pain were almost entirely gone. Now the hard part: balance.  The most difficult part was by far the weekends. Tim and I love to go out for dinner, and the whole30 made that much more difficult.  I’ll post my eating out tips on the Whole30 next, but for now- my focus for February.


Here’s a reminder of my plan for the year:

January –whole 30

February – Gratitude Journal at night

March– Read The Gratitude Diaries by Janice Kaplan

April– 5 minutes of meditation before bed

May– Compliment someone different every day

June– Buy a month of yoga at a new studio

July– Tap into creativity (new fitness classes, art, Zumba, kareokee, games, nature, etc)

August– Treat yourself month (bath, nails, compliments, me date, take a nap, massage, Bravo, etc)

September– Smile first thing in the morning and last thing before bed

October– 30 things I love about myself (I turn the big 3-0 this month-gulp)

November-No negative talk November (myself, others, work, etc)

December– Give back  (to students, family in need, volunteer, family, husband, etc)


I’ve heard so many positive things from doing a gratitude journal.  I plan to simply jot down one thing before I go to bed each night for which at I’m grateful.


I made a few rules for myself:

-Add to the journal every night before bed.  My reasoning for this is that the day will end on a good note. In true grandma fashion, my eyes start closing on the couch around 8pm, and eventually I drag myself up to bed. I want to make a point to reflect on the day and remember a good moment.

-No listing people.  There are so many people I could mention that it would take my entire month.

-No length requirement. The first question my students ask when we do writings in class is: how long does it have to be? The best answer is always: however long you want.  Some nights I may write a longer entry while other nights might be a single word.

I’m looking forward to this month’s commitment; maybe you should do it with me! Happy February!



4 thoughts on “February Goal

  1. Gratitude journal sounds awesome. I have never heard of it until now. Although, September’s goal me chuckle. I think I might give that a try and smile in the morning and at night before bed


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