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5 Things

I was tagged on Instagram to share 5 things about myself, so I thought I’d share that on my blog as well.

*I’m a high school Italian and Spanish teacher. This is my 7th year, and some days are fantastic and some days are not. High school can be such a difficult age, and I want to be a consistent positive person they can depend on.  Teaching is definitely exhausting both mentally and physically, but that’s why they invented summer- right?

*I developed anxiety about a year ago.  I started practicing yoga consistently as a way to calm my mind and stay present. It’s a working progress.


*I’m absolutely in love with fitness. I weight train, run, spin, practice yoga, circuit train, and I am a proud grandma-style power walker in a 29-year-old body.  We don’t have a dog, but sometimes I joke that we should get one just so I don’t look creepy being that woman who’s always wandering the neighborhood by herself.

*I’m a student of life. If money were no object, I would probably be in school forever. I graduated University of Iowa in 2011, I will finish my Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction in August, and this fall, I am starting a second Master’s in Health and Wellness.  I started the curriculum and instruction degree just because someone told me it would be a good idea; the second Master’s is all me. I’m so excited to get certified in something I’m absolutely obsessed with like Wellness.


*My husband and I have been together almost 6 years, and this June will be our second wedding anniversary. He is my calm when I’m crazy and my smile when I’m sad.



I had to make myself think of 5 facts other than just the foods I can’t get enough of.  Maybe the next 5.  Hope everyone is having a great day!


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