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Travel Bucket List

I’ve mentioned before that I teach Italian and Spanish.  Italy has always been my favorite place on earth.  I’ve been there five times, but there are still so many places just in Italy I’d love to see.  I could have a travel bucket list for Italy alone.

My husband isn’t quiet the traveler that I am.  He’s never traveled alone, never had too much desire to go abroad, and prefers road trips over anything else.  While this is pretty different from how I’ve always viewed traveling, he’s done a great job of getting me excited to see more of the US.  Currently there are 3 domestic destinations I’ve been eyeing.

  • Austin
  • Portland
  • Grand Canyon

Austin is on our calendar for this summer. We’re going to make a road trip out of it with several stops along the way including Waco Texas to visit Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia farms.  Beyond excited about this.

Portland sounds like a foodie’s dream.  I turn 30 this fall (gulp) and I’m working on planting the seed in Tim’s mind that a weekend trip to eat in Portland would be the best way to celebrate.

As for the Grand Canyon, not much explanation is necessary for this. The pictures I’ve seen are absolutely breath taking, and I can only imagine the power walking possibilities there.

As far as my international bucket list is concerned, there are also 3 spots that I keep going back to in my mind.

  • The Greek Islands
  • Ireland
  • Australia

I’ve had family and friends visit each of these unique spots who’ve had only good things to say about them.  Back to my days exploring aimlessly around Italy, I think walking around and getting lost in the scenery of each of the countries would be incredible.

Hopefully these vacation spots will happen one day, and as these winter months drag on, the idea of Mexico or the Bahamas is increasingly appealing.

Buon viaggio


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