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Shoulder Workout

Hi friends!

I have a shoulder workout for you guys today. Currently I’ve been training shoulders and triceps once a week- usually Mondays.  I try to do an upper body day after a lower body training or tough run to help recover that part of my body.  Shoulders are one of my favorites to exercise.  There are so many possibilities of what to do, that I never get bored.  Some days I stick to dumbbells, while some days I’m all about the cables.  And every once and a while I like to do a burn out day, where I pick up a lighter weight and do a move for 2 minutes straight.

Here’s the workout I did the other day.  It consists of 3 circuits to keep you moving the whole time.  You’ll get a good workout and be out of the gym in no time.


I added some jump rope in between the circuits to get the heart rate up and allow a brief second for the shoulders to breathe.  You could easily do a different interval instead of jumping rope. Kettle-bells or hoping on a cardio machine would also work great.

Give this workout a try and let me know what you think. Hope everyone has a great day!


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