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My Love for Whole Foods

Hi friends!

Let’s talk Whole foods or should I say Whole paycheck?  While it’s definitely not good on the budget, Whole Foods is one of my favorite places. Does anyone else absolutely love walking around the grocery store? Especially when you’re in no hurry, and you can aimlessly stroll up and down the aisle looking for new finds for the week.  I’ve found whole foods to be the best grocery store for that.

I get so excited to make a Whole Foods run; I look at the pretty seasonal flowers as I enter the door, gaze at the colorful selection of produce, drool over the large variety of nut butters, and finally bask in glory as I look at that the salad bar.


While each Whole Foods location is slightly unique, the store closest to me has four rows to their salad bar- two of which are cold and two are hot.

Now when I go to the salad bar I have a very specific strategy. First thing, I get at least three cups of spinach for my salad base. Then it all depends on what they have to offer. I love layering veggies in the middle like zoodles or peppers. I’m always crossing my fingers for roasted sweet potatoes, asparagus and brussel sprouts.  Then it’s the fun stuff. Obviously, the tortellini pasta salad isn’t the heathiest option. But I almost always grab one or two tortellini.  I love the tofu egg-less salad as well, so a small scoop of that goes on one side of the carton along with perhaps a small falafel. To top it all off, I try to add one type of protein; my go-tos are either two hardboiled eggs or some grilled chicken.

I bring this massive salad up to the register and reluctantly pay around $15.  Woof.  It’s expensive, but I’m always extremely excited to eat it and very satisfied when I’m done.


What can I say, it’s the best. Does anyone else share my love of Whole Foods?


One thought on “My Love for Whole Foods

  1. I relate with this on a serious level!!! The Whole Foods salad/hot bar is my weakness! If it’s ever an option, definitely try their Roasted Tofu, Chicken Tikka Masala, Tahini Cauliflower, and Roasted Mushrooms! YUM!

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