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Why I Stopped Wearing a Fitbit

Hello! How’s everyone’s day going? I started my day with an easy walk at the gym and some ab exercises. I was feeling super sore, so I just wanted to move a little bit before work without doing anything too crazy.

Speaking of walking, let’s talk about fitbit. I bought a fitbit as soon as they came out. Being a teacher and avid power walker my steps were always super impressive. Between my morning workout and my classes, I typically would hit 10,000 before lunch.  I also loved checking my sleep when I woke up.  It was so eye opening to see how many hours were deep sleep and how many times I was restless throughout the night.

Here’s the thing. I started to obsess over my fitbit.  While hitting the step goal was almost never a problem, 10,000 became not enough.  I wanted to get closer to 20,000 a day.  Despite having tons of work to do or being extremely sore from yesterday’s workout, I would force myself to go on yet another short walk just to add more steps. I got in the habit of holding everything in my right arm so I could swing my left arm naturally just to be sure those steps were counted. I stopped going to spin class because my tracker didn’t know I was working hard.  And I opened the fitbit app on my ipad at least 10 times a day.

I knew wearing the fitbit was a bad habit for me, but it was almost an addiction. My husband would try to take it off my wrist and I would instantly get upset and make excuses for why I needed it.  Last summer we had a trip to Italy planned, so as my obsessed grew, I told myself I wasn’t going to bring it on the trip.  I’m proud to say I left it at home and haven’t put it on since.

I know that was the right thing to do.  But I still get envious sometimes when my colleagues are talking about their fitness trackers, and I really miss the sleep component.  While every once and a while I catch myself on the fitbit website looking at the new versions and all the fun features, but I know I live a very healthy life with plenty of movement throughout the day as it is.  Who knows, maybe I’ll try a fitness tracker again at some point, but for now I’ll just keep power walking alone.


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