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Fun Food Find #8

I cannot tell you how excited I was to find this next Fun Food Find at Trader Joe’s this week.  As an Italian teacher, I have a deep love for gnocchi. I always describe them to my students as small pillows of heaven.  So when I found cauliflower gnocchi at the store, first I knew they were coming home with me and second I did not have too high of hopes for their taste.



While there is no comparing these to the real thing while sipping a glass of wine in a small Italian bistro on the streets of Florence, I am happy to say I like them.  They are prepared the same way as flower gnocchi in boiling water. Once they float to the top in about 5 minutes they are ready to eat.  They also can be served in the same way as the original pasta counterpart. What sets these apart is the fantastic nutritionals.


You just can’t beat that.

I placed my cauliflower gnocchi on a bed on sautéed greens.  They were delicious, but for the next time I plan on a more traditional dish with tomato sauce.



The verdict: 9/10

Would I recommend them: Yes!

I do feel the need to mention, just like normal cauliflower they were not too filling. I found myself reaching for a snack rather quickly after finishing. But they are husband approved, and that is saying something because normally cauliflower is very unappealing to Tim.


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