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Summer Bucket List

Even though teaching is beyond exhausting, there is nothing sweeter than giving the last final, submitting grades, and walking out into the sunshine for 10 weeks to relax and recharge.  I know teachers often get a bad reputation for having that time off, but if you know any teachers, you know we are not lazy people.  While completing things on my growing to-do list, I make sure I have some time for personal projects as well.

Here are some of the things – both fun and work- on my summer bucket list.  I’d love to hear what you guys are hoping to accomplish this summer.


-Prepare/organize for new class to teach next year

-Finish master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction!! (last class)

-Start second master’s degree (Health and wellness)



-Clean out closet/donate old clothes

-Organize pantries

-Touch up paint

-Decorate bedroom

-Yard work

-Learn how to patch dry wall



-Austin, TX trip

-Lexington, KY trip

-Indy 500 trip

-Outdoor eating and fests

-Try out new yoga studio



-Celebrate 2nd anniversary

-Tim’s 33rd birthday

-Cheer on UFC 225

-Test out new recipes

-Take new fitness classes


Me time:

-Extra power walks

-Eat outside

-Drink my coffee slowly sitting down

-Extra sleep


-Catch up on some Netflix


This list will most likely grow as our calendar fills up, but for now it is a great start.  The extra hours of day light and feeling the sun on my skin is so rejuvenating. I find myself craving and counting down for this break.

Until then, it’s finishing up the school year with AP exams, retirement parties, finals to grade, and saying goodbye to my seniors.  The final push to summer is in full swing, and before we know it I will be savoring my morning coffee instead of inhaling it as an attempt to deal with teenagers.



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