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May Goal Check In


This month’s goal was to compliment a different person every day.  I wanted this goal for May because this is often a tough month for both teachers and students.  The first two weeks of May are dedicated to AP testing. Teachers work before and after hours reviewing, and students get even less sleep than normal.  Everyone is just hanging on by a thread with the thought of the approaching summer break keeping us afloat.  Because of the fact that we are all ready for the year to end, I thought it would be perfect timing to make more of an effort to compliment a new person every day.

I kept a post-it on my desk to remind me; however, I quickly learned how easy this goal was.  It’s very normal for me to say something to a colleague like, ‘I love that dress’ or ‘your hair looks great today.’ These compliments are great and fulfil my goal, but a couple weeks in I decided to compliment someone without it being a comment on something physical.  For example, I told a student today that I loved her handwriting.  I told another student the other day that he has shown great efforts this semester.

In my opinion, compliments that don’t have anything to do with clothes or hair are more meaningful, and I felt better given them.  So far so good for my May goal. Finger’s crossed we’ll make it to final exams.


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