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My Moment

Hello friends! I thought today I’d share what I like to call, my moment. Before I explain what this is, let me remind you that I do not yet have any children. When that day comes, I’m sure my moment may have to be modified a bit. Perhaps knowing this, is part of the reason I value my moment so much.

My moment occurs basically every Saturday and Sunday morning.  Both days I wake up fairly early (not quite as early as during the work week though) so I can head straight to the gym to get my workout done. Since it’s the weekend, I’m able to take my time and stay a little longer than normal.

When it’s time to head home, I make the short drive back to start preparing breakfast.  Since I’m not about to rush off to work, I be sure to cook something special that I’m really looking forward to- typically it ends up being my beloved oatless oats.


Once breakfast is made, now begins my moment.  I take a seat at our kitchen table, prop up my ipad, place my warm breakfast and coffee in front of me, and take a deep satisfying breath.  This is the life.  I slowly eat while watching some mindless show or youtube video and sip on my coffee. It’s at this moment when I have nothing to worry about.  My moment is all about sitting and enjoying 20 minutes on a slow weekend morning.

My workout is done, and it’s still early so I don’t feel rushed to start doing things around the house, work, or errands just yet.  Even the dishes in the sink don’t bother me during my moment.  It’s my favorite part of every weekend.

I always say my moment is necessary for me to stay sane.  It’s like that expression: you can’t pour from an empty cup.  Even my husband knows how important this time is to me, so if he happens to wake up earlier than normal when I’m still not done, he goes in the other room and waits for me to be ready.

As I mentioned earlier, I know this is a luxury I can afford with no kids; however, if you don’t have some version of your own ‘moment’- I suggest you create one.


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