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ABC’s of Anna

Hello! I found this fun survey the other day, and I thought it would be perfect to share.

Age: 29

Biggest fear: Mice

Current time: 9:22am

Drink you had last: Coffee (unless water counts)

Easiest person to talk to: Tim. Good thing we’re married then, right?

Favorite song: Old school but I’ve always been obsessed with Aretha Franklin. Respect, anyone?

Grossest memory: This is a tricky one. Doing a mud run with my brother was pretty bad.

Hometown: Western Springs, IL

In love with: My slippers.

Jealous of: People who can nap.  I’ve tried several times, and it just doesn’t happen

Kindest person you know: My dad. He’s so selfless and hard working. Such a rockstar

Life isn’t complete without: Chocolate and coffee

Middle name: Marie

Number of siblings: 2 brothers- Steve and Dave

One wish: I teach in a high school, and one of the hardest things for me is seeing students upset or mean to each other. I wish I could make every student smile at least once every day.

Person you last spoke with on the phone: My mom

Question you’re always being asked: How do you always have so much energy? I always respond with- you should see me at 8pm. It’s the exact opposite.

Reason to smile: Summer weather in Chicago!

Song you last sang: Despacito. I know we’ve all moved on, but I’m still obsessed with this song.

Time you woke up: 3:55am. Super early, I know. But I absolutely love getting my workout done and getting to work before everyone else to enjoy my coffee before the students arrive.

Unknown fact about me: I really like my collarbone
Vacation destination on your mind: There are so many.  Currently I’m dreaming of a foodie weekend in either Austin or Portland.  When it comes to abroad I’d love to go to either the Greek islands, Ireland, or Australia.

Worst habit: Feeling rushed.  My husband is so calm, and I often feel like I have to get all the things done right away.

X-rays you’ve had: My mom’s a rad tech so she can take x-rays whenever I need it.  I’ve had my back looked at a few times and my foot.

Your favorite food: Just one?? Almond butter

Zodiac sign: libra (don’t know anything more than that about astrology)




6 thoughts on “ABC’s of Anna

  1. Almons butter? Really? We were expecting something like chocolate or tacos. Though we do have one question for you. How do you have so much energy? 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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