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Anniversary Addition

Happy Monday friends! And happy 2nd anniversary to me and my hubby! I thought to celebrate I’d share a bit about our day on the blog.  These two years have completely flown by; it’s hard to believe it’s been two years already.

I enjoyed the planning process for the most part; however, I remember how stressful those last two weeks leading up to the wedding were. When the day finally came, I was so ready just to get down that aisle.

I slept maybe two hours the night before- thank goodness for Bravo- but I was so full of adrenalin I wasn’t tired at all.  While I felt very calm in the morning, I remember shaking a bit while getting my hair done.  Thankfully, one of my bridesmaids brought me a warm tea and that fixed the shakes instantly.


When we made it to the church I remember just wanting that walk to Tim to be over. My dad was his typical self and cracked jokes the whole way down. Tim looked so handsome.


Being the end of June, the weather in Chicago could be anywhere from cold and wet, to hot and dry. It was upper 90s the whole day, so taking pictures in all those clothes was interesting. We went to a nearby forest preserve our photographer suggested for about an hour.




I think everyone was relieved to make it to the reception hall, and this was my favorite part of the whole day.  From the walk out, to the speeches, to the dances, it was an absolute blast.  We tore up the dance floor for the last four hours, but it felt like 20 minutes.  When the lights came on at midnight, I remember turning to my friend and saying ‘it’s 12 already?’


We hung out at a bar for a couple hours afterwards until they kicked us out.  It was just a perfect night.



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